Are There Other Degrees Besides an Online Business Degree That I Should Consider?

If you want to get your online business degree in something more specific than just business administration, then you should know that there are many other concentrations within the world of business that you can get your online business degree in. These business degrees include Accounting, Finance, Economics, Marketing, and Public Administration.

People who have their online business degrees in accounting generally work in all industries, since every business needs someone to keep track of their finances. According to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Accounting is “the art of recording, classifying, and summarizing in a significant manner and in terms of money, transactions and events which are, in part at least, of financial character, and interpreting the results thereof.” In other words, people who have their online business degrees in Accounting have jobs where they track the finances of their clients, maintain the accuracy of their public records, and make sure they pay their taxes.

The accounting profession is divided up into four major areas. These include Public Accounting, Management Accounting, Government Accounting, and Internal Auditing. Public Accountants prepare taxes, perform audits, and act as consultants to their clients, which can be corporations, individuals, government, etc. Management Accountants keep track of the financial information for the companies they work for. Some of their duties include creating budgets, preparing financial reports, and cost management.

Government Accountants can work for local and federal governments, making sure that businesses are complying with rules and regulations. They can also work in publicly-owned corporations, examining government records and auditing businesses that are subject to Federal policies and taxes. Internal Auditors examine their company’s internal controls for inefficiency and fraud. They also make sure that their company is complying with Federal rules and regulations.

Another field related to Accounting is Finance. In a nutshell, people with their business degrees in Finance deal with money and how to manage it. Some of these people are Financial Analysts, Financial Managers, and Personal Financial Advisors. Financial Analysts and Personal Financial Advisors generally help their clients make financial decisions. Financial Analysts usually work for corporations who are interested in investing their money in other businesses. Personal Financial Advisors usually work for individuals to help them invest their money for retirement, education, and estate planning. Financial Managers prepare financial reports, manage cash, and control investment activities, among their many other duties. Usually every organization has a Financial Manager, and their titles include Controller, Treasurer, Finance Officer, and Risk Manager.

Another career path in business is Economics. Economists study the production and consumption of goods and services around the world. They also examine how issues such as unemployment and inflation affect an economy. Many Economists specialize in a certain aspect of Economics, such as Macroeconomics (the entire economy), Microeconomics (“supply and demand” of individual organizations), and International Economics (the economy of foreign countries).

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