Online Business Degrees – The Starting Point For Many Rewarding Careers

When you think of business, do you think of Donald Trump? (Or his infamous hair?) Do you think of people in pinstripe suites sitting around a board room, talking about money? Or do you think about giant, faceless corporations buying somewhat smaller faceless corporations and turning themselves into one giant, all-powerful corporation?

Whatever your ideas about business are, one thing is certain: a business degree is a great thing to have. It can get you started in a variety of careers and fields, from those in finance to those in restaurants. And with so many schools offering online business degrees, it’s easier than ever to earn your degree (or go back to school and learn the newest industry trends.)

These five career paths are all options you can pursue with a business degree:

Real Estate Agent Careers
The process of finding, buying or selling a home can be daunting-unless you’ve got a good real estate agent in your back pocket. Real estate agents have a handle on market trends, an in-depth knowledge of their specific area, and the people skills necessary to negotiate between buyers, sellers, and lenders. While a real estate license has been the minimum requirement in the past, these days real estate agents are beefing up their resumes and their know-how with business degrees. For more information, visit our real estate agent career profile.

Financial Advisor Careers
If you’ve got a knack for numbers and like helping people, you may want to consider a career as a personal financial advisor. For those of us who can’t add 2 + 2, financial advisors sit down and analyze our assets, debts, income and investments and help us come up with a financial plan for the future. (Basically, they’re like magicians who pull money out of their hats instead of rabbits.) For more information, visit our financial advisor career profile.

Entrepreneur Careers
Maybe you’ve got the next big idea: a dryer that automatically folds your laundry or a refrigerator that makes ice-and soft serve ice cream. Now you just need someone to tell you how to turn that idea into a business. If you’re an entrepreneur and want to start your own company, getting a business degree will give you the financial, management, and marketing skills you need to succeed.

Marketing Careers
Did you read the entrepreneur entry above? Marketing professionals are the ones who take that great new idea, like the refrigerator that makes ice and ice cream, and help it explode in the marketplace. They use their expertise in product development, industry trends, advertising and promotion to get the word out about the newest products to the right customers. For more information, visit our marketing career profile.

Food & Beverage Careers
Everybody likes to eat. That’s why hospitality careers-from those in fine dining restaurants to those in private catering companies-can be a great option to pursue if you like working with people and have great attention to service and detail. One of the added bonuses of this career is the variety of venues you can work in: food and beverage managers are needed in restaurants, hotels, private clubs, golf cruise, cruise ships, catering companies and more. For more information, see our food service manager career profile.

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